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We started this project a few years ago in 2007 and then completed the project in 2008.  After a 9 month stay with us, we are extremely pleased with all the results on the 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442.


Below: 2007 Ford Mustang GT

This project was particularly meaningful for us.  We began with a standard Mustang GT and transformed this American icon into a subtle and sleek hot rod with style, class and performance all rolled into one unbelievable ride.

Features include: Classic stripes painted and lined with great care in specific location.  This is not a vinyl add on or stripe kit that was purchased but an added feature that is truly a classic look and feel representative of the muscle car era. 

Added features also include: retro hood pin kit, 2 inch suspension lowering kit, 19x10 rims and high performance tires, Ford Racing headers and high flow Magna Flow stainless exhaust.